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Threat to the health of citizens.. The first action of “doctors” concerning the “hospital lease” law 2024 - drweud
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Threat to the health of citizens.. The first action of “doctors” concerning the “hospital lease” law

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Threat to the health of citizens.. The first action of “doctors” concerning the “hospital lease” law

Doctors Union

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The General Union of Egyptian Doctors, led by Dr. Osama Abdel Hay, called on the President of the Republic, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, using his constitutional powers, not to sign the law regulating the granting of obligations to establishments governments to establish, manage, operate and expand health care facilities, or so-called “hospital leasing,” which the House of Representatives recently approved.

The union explained that article 123 of the Constitution stipulates that: “The President of the Republic has the right to promulgate laws or to oppose them, and if the President of the Republic opposes a bill approved by the House of Representatives, he must return it to it within thirty days after the House informs him thereof. If the bill is not returned within this period, it shall be considered law and shall be enacted, and if it is returned to the Council within the above period and re-approved by. by a two-thirds majority of its members, it is considered a law and is promulgated.

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The General Union of Doctors said that the law approved by the House of Representatives threatens the safety and health of Egyptian citizens and the stability of the health system, and does not provide any guarantees for the continued provision of services to Egyptian citizens, especially those with limited income, or for the investor’s commitment to respect the specified percentage for the treatment of patients with health insurance and state expenses, and that the law does not exist rules for determine which hospitals are rented out?

The union stressed that it is happy to encourage the private sector to participate in the provision of health services, create and establish new private hospitals that complement health services, overcome all obstacles in registration and accreditation of health establishments and to offer investors a package of incentives. which encourages them to build new hospitals and not rent existing public hospitals that provide their services to Egyptian citizens, especially those with limited income.

She pointed out that the government law threatens the stability of 75% of workers in health facilities that the government plans to lease, because the law allows the investor to do without it and rehire these workers, including doctors, nurses and administrators. , by the Ministry of Health in other places.

The Medical Union expressed its fear that the investor would use doctors graduated from universities not recognized by the Higher Council of Universities, and that the Medical Union decided during its general meeting not to include in its archives, explaining that the law allowed the Minister of Health to grant a license to practice medicine to foreign doctors to work only in the establishment he rents. The investor, by circumventing the applicable procedures for granting a license to practice the medical profession to foreigners and stipulated in the applicable laws on the subject, including the Medical Unions Law No. 45 of 1969 and Medical Practice Law No. 415 of 1954 and its amendment by Law 153 of 2019.

Threat to the health of citizens.. The first action of “doctors” concerning the “hospital lease” law

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