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To discuss the situation in Gaza… Shoukri and the foreign ministers of Qatar, Jordan and Saudi Arabia meet the French president

To discuss the situation in Gaza... Shoukri and the foreign ministers of Qatar, Jordan and Saudi Arabia meet the French president

In light of the difficult circumstances in which Palestinian civilians live on their lands due to the Israeli occupying forces and their criminal acts and actions contrary to international and humanitarian laws towards the defenseless people, Egypt has not forgotten its role in the Palestinian question.

From the beginning of the war against Gaza, Egypt played the role of mediator and handled this Arab issue wisely, to prevent the escalation of damage in the occupied territories and to establish a permanent ceasefire, in more to preserve Egyptian security. national security as well.

The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has never given up on reaching radical solutions to the Palestinian question, particularly in Arab and European countries, since Foreign Minister Sameh Choukry visited yesterday, Friday May 24, 2024, Paris, to participate in a ministerial meeting that includes the foreign ministers of Qatar, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates with the French president, after an invitation from Macron.

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Shoukri meets his French counterpart regarding the Palestinian question

Ambassador Ahmed Abu Zeid, official spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said on the electronic platform “X/Twitter” that Shukri met a number of foreign ministers of “Qatar, Jordan and Saudi Saudi Arabia” in Paris, with the French president. Emmanuel Macron.

This Arab meeting with Macron aimed to discuss the difficult conditions in the Gaza Strip and discuss measures to end the Israeli war inside the occupied territories, in addition to providing comprehensive humanitarian aid without obstacles, and ways to advance the policy path and support implementation. of the two-state solution.

Ambassador Abu Zeid said the visit was part of France’s desire to coordinate and cooperate with Arab ministers, promote a ceasefire in Gaza and discuss ways to end to the humanitarian crisis and to ensure the delivery of aid to residents of the Gaza Strip. Strip in a manner sufficient for their needs, in addition to discussing international and regional efforts aimed at finding a serious political horizon to end this crisis from its roots and support the implementation of the two-state solution.

The Israeli war against Gaza

It should be noted that the Hamas movement began its military operations, “Operation Flood”, against the Israeli occupation, on Saturday October 7, 2023, in response to all the criminal acts and massacres contrary to international laws committed against Palestinian civilians. .

Amidst these events, a truce was put in place between the two parties to the conflict for approximately 7 days. This truce was achieved thanks to Egyptian, Qatari and American efforts. This truce included a ceasefire inside the Gaza Strip and the preservation of the lives of the inhabitants. children and civilians, not to mention the exchange of Israeli and Palestinian prisoners who are in the hands of the resistance and the Zionist occupation.

The Israeli occupation continues its aggression against the Gaza Strip for the 231st day in response to the Al-Aqsa operation, which resulted in Israeli aggression, causing more than 35,000 martyrs and thousands injured and missing.

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