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Tomorrow… the conclusion of the trial of the accused of the murder of a police officer in Shebin al-Qanater

Tomorrow... the conclusion of the trial of the accused of the murder of a police officer in Shebin al-Qanater

Tomorrow Sunday, the Terrorism Criminal Court at the Wadi al-Natroun Correction and Rehabilitation Center, headed by Advisor Sameh Abdel Hakam, President of the Court, and composed of Advisor Abdul Rahman Safwat Al-Husseini, Advisor Yasser Okasha Al- Mutnawi, advisor Muhammad Mar’i, and in the presence of Muhammad Al-Jarf, head of the Supreme State Security Prosecution, will conclude the trial of the accused, who embraced the ideology of the Islamic State and who committed the massacre of a policeman at Shebin al- Qanater police station and killed others.

The final session included a forensic psychiatry report, which indicated that the accused had been examined by a tripartite committee at the Abbasiya Psychiatric Hospital and that the required mental medicine report had been prepared. The report concluded that the accused did not have one, at the moment. at the time or at the time of the incident, any symptoms indicating the presence of a psychological disorder or He is rational and does not lack conscience and choice, and he has good will, discernment, sound judgment on matters and a knowledge of good and evil, which makes him responsible for the accusation attributed to him. The court decided to postpone the hearing until next Sunday to plead with the Supreme State Security Prosecutor’s Office while continuing to detain the accused for the same session. The court had ordered the deposition of the accused. in a correctional and rehabilitation center in Wadi El-Natroun awaiting judgment

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The Supreme State Security Prosecution referred the accused to court after he was found guilty of the following charges, according to the referral order:

1- The victim killed “Omar Abdel Aziz Muhammad Abdel Aziz Al-Tantawi” intentionally with the intention and determination to kill all the police officers she encountered who were assigned to serve near the Shebin Al Police Station -Qanater under the pretext of not applying Islamic law, preparing for this purpose a white “knife” and directing it, he went to the police station of Shebin al-Qanater, and as soon as he seized the one of them he massacred, with the intention of doing so. to kill him, they were fleeing, but the pursuit of the deceased prevented him, so he massacred him with his weapon, intending to take his life, causing the injury described in the anatomical report attached to the papers, which cost him his life.

This crime was accompanied by two other crimes, namely that committed at the same time and place as those mentioned above:

First: he killed the victim, “Rajab Metwally Ibrahim Arab”, intentionally, with premeditation and premeditation, with the intention and determination to take his life, as well as that of any of the police officers, because he was convinced of their unbelief and the premise of killing them and the lawfulness of their blood. To this end, he prepared his bladed weapon and headed towards the police station. If the victim saw someone lying next to him, hidden, he would not realize it and would immediately slit their throat, intending to do so. committed suicide to carry out a terrorist plan. He caused the injury described in the forensic report attached to the papers, and he was disappointed by the impact of the crime for a reason that had nothing to do with his wishes, which was the victim seeking treatment.

Second: He intentionally killed the victim, “Saad Salah Muhammad Kamel Ahmed,” with the intent and determination to kill any police officer. He prepared his previously mentioned weapon for this purpose and headed towards Shebin al-Qanater. According to the decision, the victim chased him to stop him, but he attacked her with a knife, intending to kill himself to avoid being caught. the injury described in the forensic report attached to the papers, and he was disappointed by the impact of the crime for a reason that had nothing to do with his wishes, which was that the victim was seeking treatment.

Third – He committed a terrorist act resulting in the death of a person by using force, violence, threats and intimidation at his home in front of the victims, Omar Abdel Aziz Muhammad Abdel Aziz Al-Tantawi, Rajab Metwally Ibrahim Azab, Saad Salah Muhammad Kamel. Ahmed and others, as mentioned in the previous statement, with the aim of disrupting public order and endangering a person’s safety and security, harming them, creating terror among them, putting their lives in danger and harm social peace. , hindering and preventing public authorities from carrying out their work and carrying out their activities, and disrupting the provisions of the Constitution and laws. This action resulted in the death of the victim, “Omar Abdel Aziz Muhammad Abdel Aziz Al Tantawi,” as shown in the article. investigation. He was in possession of a knife without legal justification, as investigations revealed.

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