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“Tourism”: Increase in the number of Turkish tourists by 230% – (Details)

10:39 p.m.

Saturday May 18, 2024

Books – Muhammad Abu Bakr:

Amr El-Kady, CEO of the Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority, participated in the activities of the workshop organized in cooperation between the Authority and the Union of Turkish Tourism Businesses TURSAB in Istanbul, Turkey, during the two last days.

According to a statement issued today Saturday by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, this happens: Within the framework of the policy of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, represented by the Egyptian General Authority for the Promotion of Tourism, to open new tourism markets and establish partnerships with professional tour operator partners to promote the Egyptian tourism destination and its various components and products. .

During the workshop, the CEO of the Egyptian General Authority for the Promotion of Tourism held a meeting with the board members of the Turkish Tourism Business Federation, during which the statistics on the number of tourists between the two countries and the observed increase in the number of tourists arriving from Turkey to Egypt were reviewed, especially after the facilities granted by the Egyptian government in the procedures… Obtaining tourist visas for Turkish tourists during the elapsed period.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, discussions were held on the types and tourism products most demanded by Turkish tourists in Egyptian destinations, the most important of which were cultural tourism, beach tourism and tourism. religious, in addition to tourism. discuss a number of related topics, including travel trends and developments in tourism technology, discuss the possibility of organizing joint tourism programs between Egypt and Turkey, and cooperate to exchange experiences in the field of training in the field of tourism, by finding out about the latest modern developments. means of promotion, and benefiting from Turkish expertise in this area.

Through a presentation, Al-Qadi reviewed the diversity of Egyptian tourism products, including cultural tourism, beach and recreational tourism, adventure tourism and family tourism, in addition to tourists who seek an integrated tourism experience with multiple experiences and tourist types. emphasizing that the destination is… Egyptian Tourism: Tourists can visit it throughout the year due to its warm and sunny atmosphere, stunning beaches, ancient civilization and distinctive tourist spots.

The head of the Tourism Promotion Authority held several bilateral business meetings with tour operators and Turkish Airlines, during which he discussed ways of cooperation to attract more tourist traffic through the routes of these companies, extending to various tourist markets, especially remote markets in Egypt. Company officials, which include China, Japan, Brazil, Australia and America, also discussed their plan to expand the air network between Egypt and Turkey.

Amr El-Kady explained that the Egyptian participation in this workshop represents the launch of the Turkish market, highlighting the interest of the ministry, represented by the Authority, in strengthening cooperation with tourist and airline companies in the Turkish market to attract more of incoming tourist traffic. of this, which experienced an increase during the year 2023 of 230% compared to the year 2022, within the framework of the facilities provided by the Egyptian State for obtaining tourist visas for Turkish tourists , highlighting the continued coordination between the Egyptian General Authority for obtaining tourist visas. Tourism Promotion, the Egyptian Ambassador in Ankara and the Egyptian Consul General in Istanbul to discuss how to work to increase inbound traffic by increasing air connections between the two countries, whether regular or occasional, and organizing joint promotional campaigns with Turkish companies.

Al-Qadi highlighted that the Authority invited leading Turkish tour operators, travel agents and airlines operating in the Turkish market to visit Egypt and organized a number of professional meetings with professional partners in Egypt.

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