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Training children in karate, white belt – the basics

#Karate #Taekwondo #Swimming White Belt The color white has always been considered a symbol of purity, and this is entirely appropriate, because those who learn the art of karate are innocent and ignorant of hard work and discipline required of them to achieve mastery. martial arts This is the beginning of the journey from innocence to mastery, this level gives the first ideas of karate. Yellow Belt: Once the student earns a yellow belt, they will have progressed from the introductory level to the level of understanding the basics of the art of karate. The yellow belt indicates the energy of the individual, and at this level the student gains greater control over. the energy of his body. Orange belt The orange belt indicates stability. Karate practice includes many basic positions such as punching and kicking, and orange belts are the building blocks for learning all of these methods. Purple Belt When a student earns a purple belt, it means that student has progressed from beginner to intermediate level. The student at this level must understand all the methods to counter blows while knowing how to move the body to achieve what is. demanded of him. Blue Belt Once the basic skills of the white, yellow, orange and purple belts have been mastered, the student must learn to be more adaptable to certain situations. The purpose of the blue belt is to show that the student has demonstrated fluidity and adaptability. , which means more strength and confidence. Green Belt students receive their Green Belt when training becomes more difficult and serious. Brown Belt When a student reaches the brown belt stage, it means that they have advanced to an advanced level in martial arts, and this belt symbolizes that the student has experience and knowledge in the field that they are in. he studies. Red Belt Those who achieve red belts are very close to mastery. Students at this level must be practical and creative in their techniques, as confidence in their own personality is combined with many techniques they have already mastered. Black Belt The black belt is the pinnacle of achievement in martial arts. Many people work for years to achieve the black belt. Although the black belt is the symbol of great achievement, the belt itself is not the ultimate goal. lies in the new self-awareness that… Represented by this belt. —— The Asian Self-Defense Arts Club is one of the first clubs specializing in teaching self-defense games. It comprises an elite group of coaches specializing in teaching and training self-defense games in Jeddah. – Champions are prepared at the Kingdom level in all types of martial arts. Our message is that our sons and daughters learn and practice new sports skills and games that strengthen their awareness and abilities, gain self-confidence, improve their intelligence levels and their ability to protect themselves, and be a reason to keep them away. . Attachment to video games and smartphone games because they have a negative impact on their behavior. Their practical and scientific abilities. Through our website you can find out all the activities, prices, schedules and addresses of the club’s branches, or contact us via WhatsApp 0505529029

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