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Travel companion and partner in success. Reham Haggag congratulates screenwriter Ayman Salama on his birthday

I congratulated the artist Reham Hajjaj Screenwriter Ayman Salama on the occasion of his birthday, by publishing a group of photos of them together, via a story on his account on the Instagram application.

And I led Reham Hajjaj Through the images, a message was sent to screenwriter Mohamed Ayman, saying: “Happy New Year, Mona… My dear brother and friend, like him, the honorable and honest person, the travel companion, the partner in success and the most precious people.

Travel companion and partner in success.  Reham Haggag congratulates screenwriter Ayman Salama on his birthday
Reham Hajjaj and screenwriter Ayman Salama

The latter responded to Astori via his Instagram account by saying: “My friend, my sister and my traveling companion”.

The most significant works that brought together Reham and screenwriter Mohamed Salama

Reham Hajjaj collaborated with screenwriter Ayman Salama in 4 drama works, namely the series “Jamila” in 2023, the series “Utern” which was broadcast in 2022 and the series “When We Were Young” which was broadcast in 2020 . The series “Jamila” in 2023, and it was the last of them is the series “Sadafa”, which was broadcast during the 2024 Ramadan series season and achieved great success.

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Many art stars participated in the “Sadfa” series, including Reham Hajjaj, and alongside him Rehab El Gamal, Rushdi Al Shami, Firas Saeed, Tamer Yousry, Abeer Mounir, Salim Al Turk, Rabab Mumtaz, Alaa Khaled , Hisham. Mansour and a number of other artists. Produced by Vintage Company.

The work is written by Ayman Salama, directed by Sameh Abdel Aziz and under the general direction of Muhammad Suleiman.

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