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Platform games or platform games are a very important classification! Not only historically, as it is considered one of the oldest types of games, but also in terms of popularity and the place it occupies in the gaming market and gaming community! But like all types of games, platform games are divided into several types or combined with other types. That’s why in this video we will review with you all the classifications and types of platform games, and we will also see a quick overview of their history and evolution! Watch a series of videos explaining game classifications here: Platform games Subgenres History of platform games 00:00 Introduction 01:04 What are platform games 01:56 History of platform games 03:14 Puzzle games and platform games 0 4:18 Run-and-gun Platform games 04:59 Runner games 05:50 Single-screen platform games 06:28 Adventure platform games 07:17 Cinematic platform games 07:59 Games Isometric platform 08:30 Conclusion Contact us on the hotline: 16280 Visit our site/Official store: Follow us on the Facebook page: Follow us on Instagram: follow us on Twitter: ishes ـtu ـTuchturelene 13. Ketside ketneryinnerin .. ـTu ketneneause ÉtagneNeNEFED of the bank is: -Mohandessin: Wadi El Nil Street, Off Gamet El Dewal, in front of NBD Bank 01119812228 -Fifth settlement: POINT 90 Mall, opposite American University – third floor. 01110009837 – Maadi, Al-Nasr Street, opposite SAIB Bank 01110009847 – Maadi City Center Crossroads 01119812229 – Sheikh Zayed Americana Plaza 01110009857 – Green Park Mall in front of October 6 Club: 01050455558 ——- — ———————– #Games2Egypt #Don’t_stop_playing

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