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Video reveals new scandal for Netanyahu, follow the details!!

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Netanyahu has tried to escape the accusations, saying the military establishment’s claim that it warned him before October 7 was contrary to the truth.

The recent video of Israeli prisoners held by the resistance constituted a tool of internal pressure on the occupation government.

A hidden war between the occupying army and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, part of which came to light, as the occupying army revealed that Netanyahu had received four warnings last year attack on the cohesion of the State and the impact of this war. this on the entity in general and on the army in particular.

He added that the warnings relate to the security risks that the entity faces, during the internal unrest that arose following the government’s plan to modify the judicial system.

As usual, Netanyahu tried to escape the military’s accusations and issued a statement claiming that the military establishment’s claim that he had been warned before October 7 was contrary to the truth. , adding that assessments from security institutions indicate no warning of Hamas’s intention to attack the entity, but rather provide the opposite assessment that Hamas has been deterred and is moving toward a settlement.

These accusations and disagreements provided a fertile environment for targeting Netanyahu, as War Council Minister Benny Gantz demanded the need to form a government commission of inquiry into the events of October 7, stressing that he would submit a draft resolution to form the commission. .

For his part, opposition leader Yair Lapid confirmed that he and Netanyahu had received advance warnings from security services about preparations for Palestinian resistance, and added that Netanyahu had said in his response to these warnings that Hamas had been deterred and that nothing would happen.

The video of Israeli prisoners held by the resistance, with which the occupation entity tried to put pressure on the Palestinian resistance at the international level, constituted a tool of pressure on it internally, the occupation army having confirmed that it had failed to defend its members, and prompted the entity’s war council to reopen the door to indirect negotiations with Hamas.

To find out more, watch the video…

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This was stated by Bagheri Kani during his meeting with the Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs.
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