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Watch... British police arrest pro-Palestinian protesters 2024 - drweud
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Watch… British police arrest pro-Palestinian protesters

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For about a month, the student movement has intensified in American universities and spread to several European universities to protest against the war of genocide against the Palestinian people, particularly in the Gaza Strip. A movement that has become a real revolution that changes. the rules and norms of the political game and influences the decision-making of Western countries that support the occupying entity.

Here on the Oxford University campus, British police arrested around sixteen students and clashed with others during a pro-Palestinian sit-in.
The Oxford group Organization for Action for Palestine confirmed that university authorities summoned police after students began protesting outside administrative offices. Protesting students called for the release of their colleagues and demanded that the university withdraw its investments in the companies. links with the occupation entity.

In turn, German police expelled students who staged a sit-in at Humboldt University’s Institute of Social Sciences, where more than three hundred people gathered to denounce Israeli aggression against Gaza. The students also staged a sit-in inside the institute. corridors and placed barriers to prevent police from entering, holding banners demanding an end to the genocide in Gaza and an end to the university’s academic cooperation with the occupying entity.

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Ten post-occupation martyrs target apartment in Gaza City

Additionally, violent clashes broke out between police and University of California students when protesting students established a new pro-Palestinian camp on the university’s Los Angeles campus. Police officers in riot gear stormed the University of California campus before clashes broke out with protesters.

In the United States, a group of graduates walked out of their Harvard University graduation ceremony and marched chanting “free and free Palestine” after weeks of protests on campus amid war against Gaza. At the graduation ceremony, students chanted expressions of solidarity with their colleagues who were deprived of obtaining their diplomas due to their participation in a protest camp: “Let them pass! Demand that they be allowed to graduate with their fellow graduates.

Protests have hit more than eighty college campuses in the United States, while sixty-five percent of students support the recent demonstrations, according to a poll of more than seven hundred and sixty full-time students conducted for the online magazine Smart, focused on higher education. . Thirty-six percent of them also confirmed that the protests “have actually increased their support for the Palestinian cause.”

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US-Israeli-Qatari meeting soon to discuss Gaza truce negotiations
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