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Watch the video... Al-Qassam attracts an occupying force and destroys, injures and captures all its members 2024 - drweud
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Watch the video… Al-Qassam attracts an occupying force and destroys, injures and captures all its members

The world – Occupied Palestine

According to the Palestinian Information Center, this was captured in a recorded speech by Abu Ubaida, spokesperson for the Al-Qassam Brigades, broadcast on Al Jazeera after midnight.

The Al-Qassam Brigades released a video clip showing the withdrawal of one of the Zionist soldiers, without specifying whether he was dead or injured, in addition to showing military equipment that they seized during a ambush in one of Jabalia’s tunnels. .

The Al-Qassam Brigades concluded the video clip with the phrase: “This is what allowed its publication” and the rest of the discussion.

Regarding the details of the operation, Abu Ubaida explained that it was a complex operation carried out by the mujahideen this afternoon (yesterday) Saturday in the north of the Gaza Strip, where the mujahideen attracted a Zionist force in one of the tunnels of the Jabalia camp and placed it in ambush inside this tunnel and at its entrance.

Watch the video... Al-Qassam attracts an occupying force and destroys, injures and captures all its members

She added: Our mujahideen, thanks to God and His power, were able to confront the members of this force at zero distance, then our mujahideen attacked the support force which rushed to the scene with explosive devices and l hit straight. then our mujahideen withdrew after blowing up the tunnel used in this operation after killing all the members of this force. There were dead, wounded and prisoners, and they seized his military equipment.

He stressed that every day the enemy carries out his aggression against our people and that our people will have a very heavy price, and we will continue to make the enemy pay this price, with the permission and help of God.

Watch the video... Al-Qassam attracts an occupying force and destroys, injures and captures all its members

He said: We continue to face aggression in every street, neighborhood, town and camp in our sector, from Beit Hanoun to Rafah, and we will reveal new details of these operations at the appropriate time, if God Almighty he wants it.

Abu Ubaida: The enemy government and its oppressive army continue their blind and absurd policy of vengeance and destruction, going from failure to failure and seeking illusory achievements to make believe that their massacres and military pressure against our people will create a victory or an accomplishment for them. .

Abu Ubaida continued: Our great heroic mujahideen continue to teach the occupation lessons in all aspects of fighting, relying on God and clinging to his strong rope, and defending their land against an enemy oppressive, barbaric and wicked.

He pointed out that the latest chapter of Zionist failure and confusion is what the enemy forces have done and are committing so far in terms of horrible crimes in Jabalia, Rafah and other parts of our beloved land.

Abu Ubaida said: The occupying forces are digging among the piles of rubble in search of the remains of some of their prisoners whom they had deliberately bombed earlier, and throwing thousands of soldiers into the alleys of Jabalia and elsewhere in search corps, sacrificing their soldiers for good. in the name of Netanyahu’s personal and private machinations and the interests of his extremist fascist government.

Abu Ubaida continued: The enemy army promotes the exhumation of remains as a military and moral achievement, and despite the war of genocide and indiscriminate destruction, our mujahideen were and are still searching for enemy forces. They have carried out dozens of operations against them. his forces for more than two weeks in Jabalia, Rafah, Beit Hanoun and on all fronts of aggression and incursion.

He addressed: Salute to the souls of our righteous martyrs, to our brave wounded, to our proud prisoners, to our heroic mujahideen in all their borders and to our great and generous people everywhere in the world. It is a jihad of victory or martyrdom. May the peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you.

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