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What is the fate of prisoners from the Gaza Strip in the occupation prisons?

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The Ministry of Prisoners and Ex-Detainees said that Palestinian detainees languish in secret detention centers, such as the “Sde Taman” detention center in the Negev, known for the harsh treatment they are subjected to, in addition to all kinds of violence. severe and systematic torture, especially at the beginning of the days of detention.

As the security services continue to carry out the investigation to obtain information about the detainees under compelling circumstances, beatings, stealth operations and many types of torture are present, so the security services occupation need confessions and information by all means possible.

The “Israeli” occupation, so far, refuses to deal with any institution or party that inquires or requests to visit a prisoner, especially the International Committee of the Red Cross.

She continued: There are a large number of Palestinian detainees whom the occupation has finished investigating and caring for and refuses to release.

The ministry confirmed that what prisoners are exposed to in the occupation prisons is an escalation of crime, which is a complex crime against the Palestinian people and their prisoners, as the occupying entity practices murder, execution and sadism against them and imposes extremely cruel and criminal conditions, thus violating all international and humanitarian norms and laws.

The Ministry of Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners condemned the heinous crimes to which prisoners and detainees have been subjected in the prisons of the “Israeli” occupation since October 7, and held the “Israeli” occupation and the administration American responsible for these crimes. ongoing crimes against Palestinian prisoners, which are incompatible with all international and humanitarian norms and laws.

The Ministry of Former and Ex-Prisoners also called on the international community and all international, legal and humanitarian organizations and institutions to assume their responsibilities in the face of this dangerous issue that the world has never witnessed before.

The Ministry of Prisoners and Ex-Detainees called for the opening of a serious international investigation into the crimes committed by the “Israeli” occupation against defenseless prisoners, and for international pressure on the occupation so that it opens secret prisons and detention centers to international detainees. institutions, organizations and lawyers to visit them and learn about the conditions of prisoners.

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