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Why is America more afraid than Israel of the decisions of international courts? 2024 - drweud
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Why is America more afraid than Israel of the decisions of international courts?

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-The tribunal His order was approved by a committee of 15 judges from around the world, by a majority of 13 votes to two, and only two judges from Uganda and the Israeli entity itself objected, revealing the isolation that began. strangle the entity internationally, as well as its protectors, led by America.

Most political analysts believe that the Israeli entity will not implement the orders of the International Court of Justice, given its dark history in dealing with international resolutions and the absolute support of the United States, which will condition the decision of the Court, as usual, under the pretext of anti-Semitism.

A quick glance at the positions of senior US officials unequivocally confirms that the US green light for the entity to continue the genocide in Gaza is still strong and significant, with US President Biden announcing that the entity is not committing genocide. genocide in Gaza. Meanwhile, US Senator Lindsey Graham attacked the International Court of Justice, declaring: “To hell with the Court.” However, the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Mike Johnson, was more blunt than anyone when he said: “America must punish the International Criminal Court, which threatens the leaders of Israel, and put Karim Khan in his place. America knows it will only come second. towards Israel, and it is a direct insult to our sovereignty. We do not place any international body above American sovereignty, and neither does Israel.

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It is true that the Israeli entity will try to downplay the court’s order, but Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s call to hold an urgent meeting to discuss the response to the court’s decision indicates that the Israeli entity is taking these decisions seriously, and it appears that the options presented to Netanyahu to deal with the court case are limited, so he will once again resort to the game of negotiations, to relieve the pressure on his entity and relieve the embarrassment of his protectors Americans, and he could make concessions.

It is also true that the Israeli entity’s history is dark in ignoring international resolutions, as well as its terrorist record against the Palestinian people. However, America began to feel the impact and scale of the political losses it began to pay for. because of his blind and absolute support for the Israeli entity, which has gone rogue and does not respect international law, he is being prosecuted before the International Criminal Court and required to be legally committed before the International Court of Justice.

The ball is now in the court of the UN Security Council, and America will stand alone before the international community, determined to punish the Israeli entity. If America uses its veto against any resolution calling for an end to the attack on Rafah, it will do so. places itself in the same box in which the international community has put the entity. If the Israeli government does not use its veto, which is unlikely, the decision will be a strong slap in the face to Netanyahu and a resounding victory for Netanyahu’s toughness. the resistance and the population of Gaza facing the harshest attack a people has suffered after the Second World War.

– Regardless, after the decisions of the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court, many countries that supplied arms to the Israeli entity, including the European Union, will now find it difficult to supply weapons to the entity. , and voices will be raised loudly, both at the governmental and popular level around the world, in response to America’s pressure on her to end the war in Gaza, after it became clear that it is responsible for the atrocities taking place in Gaza. after the US-Israeli military option failed to bring Gaza’s pride to its knees.

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