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Wide international and popular interaction with the farewell of the martyred Iranian president and his companions 2024 - drweud
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Wide international and popular interaction with the farewell of the martyred Iranian president and his companions

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There has been a lot of interaction on social media since the crash of the Iranian president’s helicopter. At the funeral, activists also reacted strongly.

Lebanese director and actor: Rodney Al-Haddad posted this photo and commented on it. An honorable resistance fighter must not be dismissed from his position, a martyr of duty, a martyr of desire or a martyr fighting on the path of truth… Rather, he will be buried as a martyr of truth. My most sincere condolences to all the defenders of the killed children.

Lebanese activist Maya Sabbagh posted a photo of martyred Foreign Minister Hussein Amir Abdullahian and commented. We will miss you a lot, smiling, beautiful and well-mannered person… Goodbye Abdullahian

As for the Yemeni poet Saqr Al-Lahiji, he published a photo of the martyred President Ibrahim Raisi and wrote: It is enough for him that he was the only one to hit them while the others worshiped them and prostrated themselves under their shoes.

After praying over the bodies of the martyrs, millions of Iranians bid farewell to their president, their foreign minister and their comrades. Huge crowds took to the streets of the capital, Tehran, and other cities to take part in farewelling the martyrs. Participants came not only from Iran, but from many countries, with also the participation of Jewish organizations opposed to Israeli Zionism.

We continue to review the comments and broad interaction with the Iranian president and his companions farewell.

Former Lebanese Minister Nasser Qandil bid farewell to President Raisi. Jerusalem morning Jerusalem morning to you, O President, martyr on the road to Jerusalem, and you arrived day and night as a servant of the people who did not grow weary and did not care about the weather. You are not one of those who use. the cold and heat of summer as an excuse, and you are on the front line defending the truth with the edge of the sword, and standing on the Palestinian front begins with the heart, which translates into love for the people and the desire to declare war. In all this, you have been the master of martyrs. You did not abandon Palestine, with a heart full of the spirit of redemption, and you were one of the vanguards of the youth of the revolution which announced “Tomorrow is Palestine”.

Muhammad Al-Kahlani, in turn, commented: Americans, Israelis and Saudis rejoice in the martyrdom of the Iranian president! Do you think, for example, that they will be able to monopolize Gaza? What about the rest of the Muslims supported by Iran? Quote.

As for the Yemeni journalist and activist “Malik Al-Madani”, he published this photo and commented. Our condolences to the Islamic nation for the martyrdom of President Ibrahim Raisi, his Foreign Minister Amir Abdullahian and their comrades. May God increase our rewards and your rewards, and may God redress your affliction, men of God in Iran.

The mourning of the Iranian president and his comrades has reached the United Nations. The United Nations lowered its flags to half-mast in mourning for the Iranian president. At the UN Security Council, the Council President called for a minute of silence for the souls of the martyrs. This was the scene

A speech by Russian President Vladimir Putin regarding the martyred Iranian president and his companions. This is what Putin said when commenting on the martyrdom of President Raisi.

We also have some comments on this topic. American journalist and actor Jackson Hinkle posted this expressive photo and etched it in our hearts forever.

Rawi Haddad, the Palestinian activist, commented. Like the rest of the presidents of the Islamic Republic, Ibrahim Raïssi is the example of a president of a strong, courageous, solid and bold nation, who does not fear the truth, censorship, solid resistance, an opponent of ‘arrogant, who does not bow his head before a tyrant, a leader or an arrogant person. A supporter of Palestine with heart, soul, army, weapons, support and fighters

Journalist Louise Morgan wrote a comment on this photo. The Russian president said that Iranian President Raisi was an exceptional leader.

Gaza and Palestine have always been on the mind and conscience of martyred Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi. The children of Gaza were present in my president’s speeches in international forums. He was one of the few international leaders to bring the issue of Gaza and Palestine to international forums. We recall part of what the martyred Iranian president said about Gaza and Palestine.

Here we also have some comments from activists and we start with “Mustafa” from Egypt who wrote. A thousand mercy and light for every supporter of Palestine in word and deed.

“Al-Bajani” wrote Badrour. Since our founding, the Arabs have had the upper hand over us, and what have we reaped from it other than defeats, setbacks, annexation of our lands and domination? Since Iran entered the regional arena, we have seen only victories, restoration of rights and liberation! How come there are patriots who don’t care about what happened to Iran? His victory is our victory, his prosperity is our prosperity, and his steadfastness is our steadfastness. We owe it to him for equipping us with the July victory kit.

Finally, with Jassam, who commented. Iran’s presidents have all left the presidency of state. However, Iran has not weakened and its policies have not changed, on the contrary, it has become stronger and more coherent in each period, because it is a state with democratic institutions. shaken by the change of president, as is the case in dictatorial Arab countries.

Details in the attached video.

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