Windows Recall: A revolutionary feature from Microsoft to record everything you do on your computer

Microsoft has announced the launch of a new feature called Recall in Windows 11, which will be available on new Copilot Plus computers. This feature records everything the user sees and does on their computer, allowing them to search and recover any activity they have performed on the device. The recall has a very broad scope; It records the activities the user performs in apps, tracks conversations in live meetings, remembers all the websites the user has visited for research purposes and much more. The user can access this information through the callback feature, which works like an AI-based search. display a preview of this information. A period of time that gives it context. All user activity on the computer is displayed on a scrolling timeline. Meetings and live videos are also searchable using the Live Captions feature, which transcribes and translates speech. It should be noted that this technology is not entirely new, as Microsoft attempted to introduce a similar, less powerful feature. Windows 10 was called “Timeline”, but discontinued it in 2021. There is also a very similar app for Mac that Apple calls “Rewind” that works on Macs with M chips, and records everything the timeline does. user, listens to all his meetings, and gives him access to a chatbot to retrieve anything. But Recall stands out for its deep integration into the Windows system, while Rewind is a third-party application that needs to be installed and granted system permissions. does not work with all Windows 11 computers, as you must purchase one of the new Copilot Plus devices equipped with the Snapdragon (NPU) necessary for Recall to work. Microsoft requires at least 256 GB of hard drive storage space, with 50 GB of free space available to run Recall. By default, 25 GB will be allocated for the new feature on a 256 GB device, and this capacity will be able to store approximately 3 months of user history. The user can increase the storage space allocated to Recall in the computer settings. Microsoft assures users that the Recall index will remain local and private on the device. User can stop, pause, delete captured content or choose to exclude certain apps or websites. Additionally, Recall will not capture snapshots of private web browsing sessions in Microsoft Edge and DRM-protected content, and will not hide sensitive information such as. passwords and financial account passwords proactively.

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