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With temperatures rising… summer officially begins on this date

This has become the most searched question by citizens on the famous Google search engine. When does summer start?This is due to the fact that the country was exposed to a heat wave, which led to a significant increase in air temperature.

In the following lines, the site “the week» Summer semester start date is 2024This is part of an ongoing service it provides to its visitors in various areas, and you can follow up by clicking here.

The start date of the summer semester

The Solar and Space Research Laboratory of the National Institute of Astronomical and Geophysical Research announced… Summer semester start date is 2024 In Egypt, it is expected to start on Thursday June 20 and last 93 days and 15 hours.

With temperatures rising... summer officially begins on this date
The start date of the summer semester

Dates of the four seasons

The spring semester began on Wednesday, March 20, 2024 and will last 92 days and 17 hours.

The summer semester will begin on Thursday, June 20, 2024 and will last 93 days and 15 hours.

Then, the fall semester begins on Sunday, September 22 and lasts 89 days and 20 hours.

While the winter season begins on Saturday December 21 and lasts 88 days and 23 hours.

With temperatures rising... summer officially begins on this date
The start date of the summer semester

summer solstice

The summer solstice is expected to occur on June 20, and the sun rises on this day from the far northeast, and the shadows of objects at noon will be the shortest of the year.

At the summer solstice, the sun takes the maximum arc of an apparent northward path, and this is the highest altitude of the sun, as seen from the Tropic of Cancer and all northern regions. Daylight hours will be longer than night hours. , and it will be located in the extreme northwest.

The summer solstice is the longest day of the year, but not the hottest day of the year on our planet.

Expected temperatures today, Tuesday, May 21, 2024, in cities and governorates of Egypt

The big little town

Cairo 38 27

Administrative capital 39 28

October 6, 39 28

Banha 37 26

Damanhour 35 25

Oued El-Natroun 38 28

Kafr El-Sheikh 35 25

Mansourah 37 26

Zagazig 38 27

Chebin Al-Koum 37 26

Tanta 37 26

Damietta 30 22

Port Said 31 23

Ismailia 39 26

Suez 29 26

Arish 29 20

Rafah 29 19

Ras Sidr 38 25

Palm trees 37 17

Catherine 32 14

Stage 38 26

Taba 35 25

Sharm el-Sheikh 40 27

Alexandria 32 23

El Alamein 32 23

Matrouh 33 24

Salloum 34 24

Siwa 42 26

Ras Gharib 39 26

Hurghada 40 27

Safaga 39 26

Marsa Alam 39 27

Shalatine 37 27

Halayeb 34 28

Abu Ramad 36 27

Ras Hadrabah 33 28

Fayoum 40 24

Beni Souef 41 25

Minya 41 24

Assiut 42 25

Sohag 43 27

Qena 44 28

Luxor 44 28

Aswan 45 28

New Valley 44 30

Abu Simbel 44 27

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Astronomically, the summer season begins on this date

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