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“With the start of the implementation of the new prices, citizens are demanding stricter control over bakeries. » 2024 - drweud
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“With the start of the implementation of the new prices, citizens are demanding stricter control over bakeries. »

“With the start of the implementation of the new prices, citizens are demanding stricter control over bakeries.  »

From the first days of the start of the new subsidized bread prices, bakeries experienced a reduction in the number of queues compared to the first days of previous months, which had seen high crowds and long queues. The Council of Ministers decided to do so. increase the price of a 90 gram loaf of subsidized bread from 5 piastres to 20 piastres, starting in June. Current.

The first day of application of the new prices saw the presence of catering inspectors in bakeries, who spoke with citizens and assured them of their right to replace any loaf that did not correspond to the weight or quality, and that the prescribed quota had not changed. , and that surveillance would be carried out daily in bakeries to detect any violations.

Queues in front of bakeries have decreased… and citizens are demanding stricter control to avoid falsifications

On the other hand, the reactions of citizens were different, while some welcomed the new prices if they eliminated the problems of subsidized bread, its quality and weight, and that the control was strict and that no alteration occurs.

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Muhammad Mustafa, a “teacher”, claims that enriched bread is the healthiest and most appropriate for a large group of Egyptians, and that if the increase leads to improved bread, this is necessary, but judging by the quality and weight of the bread and not modifying it is the basis, which means periodic control of bakeries, if all these requirements are met, then it is an acceptable question.

Magda Ibrahim, an employee, says: We used to buy a loaf of bread for five piasters, but everything had defects. For example, we are a family of five and have a daily ration of 20 loaves when we buy more than half. the quantity of bread, it was invalid, ranging from poor quality, weighing very little, or unsuitable for making a sandwich, for example. If we object, the bakery refuses to replace the bread, but if the price increases and all problems are solved. eliminated, the question is simple, especially since the per capita share of subsidized bread has not changed.

As for the team that does not agree with the new increase in bread prices, they believe that this current control will not continue.

As Mahmoud Hassan says, “on the pension” there are supposed to be four of us and our share is 20 loaves of bread a day, worth one pound. Now, after the new increase, the daily share has increased to four pounds, and this. this will affect us because I kept the family share and bought it every 3 days for three pounds. Now it will rise to fifteen pounds, which means that my monthly consumption has increased by more than 6 times, as well as the existing checks and campaigns of inspectors. in bakeries will not continue only due to the start of the implementation of the decision and in the first days of it.

Hajja Suhair Mustafa, a “housewife”, agrees with him, pointing out that increasing the price of bread is not in the interest of simple families who live and depend on subsistence for most of their meals , and that the multiplication by four could have been less so that simple families could manage their bread needs.

The bakery owners confirmed that their main objective is to sell and provide an acceptable product to citizens, and that the increase is for the State, and that monitoring is constantly present and that inspectors make periodic tours, and that after the new increase there is an improvement. in the citizen’s experience in the first days of the implementation of the decision.

Offer: we support bread more now… and prices have not changed for thirty years

Dr Ali Moselhi, Minister of Supply, said the state currently subsidizes bread and after the new increase the support is greater. In 2006, the price of a loaf of bread was five piastres, but its cost was 20 piastres. the State subsidized it to the tune of 75%. However, today, with the price increasing to twenty piastres, the cost of production has become It reached 105 piastres, which means that the subsidy rate has reached 84%, in addition to the fact that the State has the price n t has not changed for over 30 years, and subsidized bread is provided to over 70 million Egyptian citizens and production reaches over 200 million loaves per day across the country.

While Abdullah Ghorab, head of the Bakeries Division of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce, said there were 30,000 bakeries in the Republic producing around 291 million loaves of bread on the first day of implementation of the new system , and witnessed demand and satisfaction from citizens. with the improvement of quality, and all catering directorates at the republic level have formed chambers to receive complaints from citizens, and that every citizen has the right to replace any loaf that does not meet specifications, whether either by weight or quality, and whoever refuses to do so. replacing is subject to liability and closure.

He stressed that tourist bread will not be affected by what happened and that the state budget provides annual support for bread estimated at £120 billion.

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