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XDefiant Preseason is Officially Available for Everyone Worldwide 2024 - drweud

XDefiant Preseason is Officially Available for Everyone Worldwide

Today, Ubisoft released the highly anticipated free-to-play fast-paced shooter XDefiant, developed by Ubisoft San Francisco and featuring factions inspired by some of Ubisoft’s most popular franchises. Players can download and play XDefiant for free on their PC via Ubisoft Connect, or on PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series

After a series of betas and public testing, everyone can now enjoy all of XDefiant’s preseason content, including:

  • 14 maps inspired by other Ubisoft titles
  • 5 factions inspired by the Ubisoft game series (one must be earned or purchased)
  • 24 weapons
  • 44 annexes
  • 5 devices

Players can try to play as one of five factions inspired by the Ubisoft game series: the Cleaners (from The Division), the Libertad (from Far Cry 6), the Echelon (from Splinter Cell), the DedSec (from Watch Dogs 2), and the ghosts (from Ghost Recon Phantoms). Each faction includes 3 characters, but only one character from each faction is unlocked, while the rest can be unlocked by completing missions in the game.

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Players can compete in matches in two game modes: Arena and Linear, and 3 matches are available in Arena mode:

  • In Domination, teams fight for control of three fixed territories.
  • In Occupy, teams fight for control of a single area that periodically moves around the map.
  • In HotShot, players fight to get the most kills (in HotShot, points are only awarded or denied when players collect tokens from fallen enemies or allies. On the other hand, the player who currently has the most tokens before HotShot will receive a set of powers (the speed increases, but it is marked on the card for everyone to see).

There are two types of matches in linear mode, which place players in an attack or defense role.

Territory Control mode, for example, tasks the attacking team with securing five territories in a progression across the map, while the defenders must fight to stop them.

In escort mode, the attacking team must bring a package to its final destination on the map, while the defenders attempt to hinder their progress and even push the package away.

After the end of the preseason, XDefiant will offer seasonal content including a new faction, three new maps, three new weapons and more each season.

For more information about XDefiant or to receive future news, please visit the official website..

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