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“Zarqa Al-Yamamah” attracts international opera artists to sing in Arabic

International opera houses sang the Arabic opera text “Zarqa al-Yamamah”, and some of them sang for the first time in the language of “Papa” in the Kingdom, through the first and most great Arabic opera produced by the Theater and Show. Arts Authority.
The opera was presented for the first time last Thursday at the King Fahd Cultural Center, through a dramatic artistic painting, questioning history and recalling the events of the pre-Islamic era, for a woman who combined keen eyesight and insight , nicknamed “Zarqa Al-Yamamah”. , a wise woman from the Jadis tribe, who warned her people of an impending invasion, but her people did not believe her, so the opponents surprised them and eliminated them, in a story passed down in the Arabian Peninsula.

Show must go on

The opera continues until May 4. It is written by Saudi poet and writer Saleh Zamanan, and the musical composition is by Australian composer Lee Bradshaw, while the work is conducted by Swiss-Italian Daniele Finzi Pasca.

International opera artists sing in Arabic at Blue Opera Al-Yamamah in Riyadh - SPA

The musical pieces will be performed by the Dresden Sinfoniker Orchestra and the Czech Philharmonic Choir, while costume designer Giovanna Bozzi and her team contributed to the design of costumes that reflect the spirit of the opera and the visual aesthetic of the pre-Islamic era.

we chose for you
In 10 categories... 30 nominees for the “Al Dana Drama Award”

Saudi heritage

International Lee Bradshaw inspired the opera musical score from elements of Arabic music and Saudi heritage, as well as styles found in international opera musical scores such as: Mozart, Verdi and Puccini, who spent months in the Kingdom learning more about its musical heritage.

The opera is performed by a group of international greats, including renowned mezzo-soprano Sarah Connolly, who learned Arabic specifically to perform her role as Zarqa Al-Yamamah.
As well as artists Alexander Stefanowski, Amelia Warzon, Serena Farnocchia, Parade Cataldo and Georg von Bergen, with the participation of Saudi talents Khairan Al-Zahrani, Sawsan Al-Bahiti, Remaz Uqabi and dozens of Saudi artists.

The number of additional actors in the work is around 100 actors and around 12 children, while the number of orchestral musicians is 62, in a work that draws its story, spirit and language from culture of the Arabian Peninsula and embodies a bloody tragedy, illustrating ancient history and at the same time symbolizing the sorrows of modern man in the world, without being devoid of the specter of hope which announces a prosperous future.
Through opera (Zarqa Al-Yamamah), the Theater and Performing Arts Authority aims to raise awareness of cultural and Arab heritage, enrich the national cultural scene, draw inspiration from the immortal artistic works of Arab histories and to create an operatic work that employs the musical and performing heritage, with the aim of increasing public interest in the art of opera and providing the best artistic and cultural experiences.

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