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Zelensky: China and Russia are trying to undermine the peace summit 2024 - drweud
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Zelensky: China and Russia are trying to undermine the peace summit

On a rare trip to Asia aimed at urging regional leaders to attend a Swiss-hosted global peace summit on the war in Ukraine, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky met with the Philippine president, who arrived late in Manila unannounced and under tight security measures after delivering a speech over the weekend at the Shangri-La Defense in Singapore. The two leaders took aim at China at the Singapore forum attended by top defense officials and governments from around the world, including Washington and Beijing. The talks took place against a backdrop of raging wars in Gaza and Ukraine, as well as growing tensions and competition for influence between the United States and China in the Indo-Pacific region.

Zelensky accuses Russia of helping China try to undermine peace.

Pressure on countries

Zelensky accused China of helping Russia disrupt the Swiss-hosted peace summit by pressuring other countries not to attend.

“Russia, using Chinese influence in the region, as well as Chinese diplomats, is doing everything to obstruct the peace summit,” he said without going into details. He added: “It is regrettable that a large, independent and powerful country like China is a tool in the hands of (Russian leader Vladimir) Putin.”

In Beijing, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning denied the allegations. Mao said: “Our position is open and transparent, and there is no pressure on other countries. » China has taken what it considers a neutral stance on the war, putting it at odds with Ukraine, the United States and most European countries. Its trade with Russia has expanded, thus mitigating the economic impact of Western sanctions. U.S., Ukrainian and other intelligence agencies say there is evidence that Chinese parts end up in Russian weapons, even though China does not directly arm its neighbor. Switzerland had hoped that China would participate in the peace conference scheduled for mid-June, but Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning said that was unlikely.

Peace Summit

Philippine Communications Secretary Chiloe Garavel said Marcos was committed to his country’s participation in the peace summit. “I am happy to hear from you today that you will participate in our steps for peace,” Zelensky told Marcos. “It’s a very strong signal.”

He added that Ukraine needs more mental health professionals for its soldiers. Marcos promised to provide assistance and welcomed Ukraine’s decision to open an embassy in Manila this year, which will speed up aid efforts.

“We ourselves have tried to promote continued respect for international law in our part of the world,” Marcos said. “The problems you face are similar and parallel to ours, which is why the Philippines’ position is always to promote peace,” he added.

Basic proposals

At the security forum, Zelensky urged top defense officials to attend the talks in Switzerland, expressing disappointment at the failure of some countries to commit to attending. He said Ukraine had proposals to present to the summit as a basis for peace, regarding nuclear security, food security, the release of prisoners of war and the return of Ukrainian children kidnapped by Russia.

He said Ukraine was “ready to listen to various proposals and ideas that would lead us… to an end to the war and a just and lasting peace.”

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin met with Zelensky on the sidelines of the conference and renewed US commitments to Ukraine. In a speech at the forum, Austin said Putin’s “war of aggression has given us all a glimpse of a world none of us want.”

Marcos, whose country has seen escalating clashes with China over disputed islands in the South China Sea, bluntly highlighted the dangers of a regional hot spot Friday at a defense forum. He said that if a “deliberate act” resulted in the death of a Filipino during hostilities on the high seas, “then I think that is very, very close to what we call an act of war.”

“It will definitely increase the level of response,” Marcos said in response to a question.

Zelensky’s demands:

Ukraine needs more mental health workers for its soldiers.

Senior defense officials invited to participate in negotiations in Switzerland

Addressing nuclear and food security

Release of prisoners of war

The return of Ukrainian children kidnapped by Russia.

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